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Sgraffito is an ancient Japanese carving where a dark clay body is covered in a light slip and painted on a vessel with a variety of brushes.  Tools carve through the surface, colorants are rubbed into the textures, wiped away with water, and then the piece is finished with a glaze leaving a detailed print of the potter's marks.

The Tree Embrace
Intricate carved trees embracing each other, adorning vessels to represent loved ones who hold us up, encourage us, and make us stronger in life.  These trees drink of our God's amazing living water which makes us whole, complete in him, and gives us true peace.

Naturally Carved 
Intricate designs are carved and impressed in the clay to reveal natural movements such as waves, grass, and pebbles.  Each piece is one of a kind and carved to be a one of a kind piece for your collection.

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Sgraffito Collection
Tree Embrace Collection
Three Trees Embrace Vase
Carved Tree Platter
Carved Tree Bowl
Naturally Carved

Stargazer Resist Collection